Do you want to really know, how to change the default routes that used by PHPMaker v2024? As we've already known, the default route that used by PHPMaker v2024 is not very SEO-Friendly. It still combines the table name with the page id in one word. So, we need to change it becomes more SEO-Friendly version.

This project will show you how to change default route that used by PHPMaker v2024. There are some part in the web application that needs to be changed, and we simply do that via some Server Events. In addition, make sure also you have already enabled Generate route groups under Tools -> Advanced Settings before re-generating ALL the script files.

For example, if you have a table named categories, then when you visit the List page of this table, the default route to the page will be categorieslist. So, we need to change it becomes categories/list. If end-users are trying to force visit the default route (categorieslist), then system will automatically redirect to the SEO-Friendly version: categories/list.

The similar logic also will be implemented for another related page, for example, the default route for Edit page that used by PHPMaker v2024 is categoriesedit/3. So, we need to change it becomes categories/edit/3; which is the 3 is the ID of the current record. In addition, it will also be implemented for Add (categories/add), Copy (categories/add/3), Delete (categories/delete), Update (categories/update), View (categories/view/3), and Search (categories/search) pages. All these changes are, of course, more SEO-Friendly.

The related links also will be adjusted to the related pages. For example, in List Page, you will see some buttons that will open those related pages, such as Add, View, Edit, Delete, and Search. The similar condition also will be applied to the View Page that might has some button links. Both conditions will also be implemented for Master/Detail List and Master/Detail View pages.

Last but not least, the link in Menu and Breadcrumb section also will be adjusted to the one with SEO-Friendly version. You will see that we can implement all of those things via server events very ease and quick.

Bonus: You will also learn how to implement default page dynamically for your web application by using server events. Just buy this project, and you will know all the related secret code, so that you can implement it also for your own PHPMaker v2024 project!