This PHPMaker 2024 project will show you how to redirect from one page to another by using Modal dialog.

There are 3 tables involved: table_001, table_002, and table_003. The tables schema are very simple and only for demo purpose. The ID of the previous table will be included in table_002 and table_003 so that we have link from the previous table.

The First Step: Go to the List Page of table_001, and then click on the button named Table 002 -> View -> ID = x at one of the rows in the main table. System will open View Page of table_002 in Modal dialog.

The Second Step: Click on the button Table 003 -> Edit -> ID = x in that View page that displayed in Modal dialog, then system will redirect to Edit Page of table_003; still in Modal dialog.

The Third Step: Change the data and click on Save button in that Edit page in Modal dialog, then system will redirect back to View Page of table_002; still in Modal dialog with the customized Caption: Table 002 -> View -> ID = x.

So here is the flow process of the logic above:
[Table 1 List Normal page] -> [Table 2 View Modal dialog] -> [Table 3 Edit Modal dialog] -> [Table 2 View Modal dialog]

From this project, you will learn:

  1. How to create a new button on each record in List Page, and hide another default buttons.
  2. How to create a new button in View Page, and hide another the default buttons.
  3. How to create a link to open Modal dialog window via Server Events with the customized Caption.
  4. How to redirect from the Edit Modal dialog to View Modal dialog that belongs to another table.
  5. How to write the code in Server Event in order to send some parameter to Client Script to open Modal dialog.
  6. How to redirect to another page that belongs to another table without using Return Page from Table options of PHPMaker project.
  7. How to prevent Delete if somehow End-User know and can access the link to Delete page, even the Delete button link has already been hidden.
  8. How to use custom default page via a customized function in Global Code.