This PHPMaker 2024 project will show you how to check whether the Username that will be registered is still available or has already been taken.

This logic is implemented in Registration page. In addition, it is implemented also in Add Page of users table. When End-Users are leaving the mouse cursor from Username textbox in those pages above, then system will check to Database, whether the Username has already been taken or not.

You may enter masino.sinaga in Username textbox either from Registration or Add Page of users table to test. Since that Username has already been taken, then system will display the error message using Toast, and mouse cursor will focus back on the textbox control. End-Users must change it to another before proceeding to next field.

If the Username is available, then system will display success message using Toast. Since the Username is still available, then of course, End-Users are able to proceed to next field.

By using this project, then you will learn:

  1. How to write PHP code in Api_Action server event to check the username availability in users table.
  2. How to write jQuery code in Startup Script to catch the blur event of Username textbox, and call API that already created above.
  3. How to implement check availability of Username, both for Registration and Add Page of users table using ew.getApiUrl.
  4. How to check the certain value in Database from Client-Side event so easily and quickly from PHPMaker 2024 project.
  5. How to prevent delete or update the certain record from Database, and display the message to End-Users.

If you want to login as Administrator, then simply enter username admin, and password master from Login page.