This project will show you how to create Shopping Cart in a web application that generated by PHPMaker 2024, by combining the usage of AJAX in Client-Side and our own API in Server-Side.

When a Product is added to Shopping Cart, then system will update the Shopping Cart immediately without having to reload/refresh the current page. Besides from List Page, we can also add a Product from the View Page of a Product. To implement all of those things, then we need to add the Custom Button either in List Page or View Page.

Unlike many any other web application that mostly provide the Textbox control to adjust the number of Product Item, we do not provide it so that end-users will be able to click multiple times for the same Product in order to add to the Shopping Cart.

We can also quickly display the item details in the Shopping Cart from anywhere in our web applications by simply clicking on the Shopping Cart icon on Navbar. No need to open a new page to display all the Product items in Shopping Cart.

Even when the current page is refreshed/reloaded, the information in Shopping Cart still remains. We can also update the information in Shopping Cart by removing an item or empty the Shopping Cart from any page in our web application.

You would never believe how easy this can be done simply from PHPMaker project. No need to write the code from scratch. This will more prove that PHPMaker is the right tools for you to create web applications that suit your needs very quick and easy.

Can you imagine now that we can create an E-Commerce web application by using PHPMaker? As you can see, this is a fundamental project that you can use if you want to implement the Shopping Cart by using PHP and AJAX so easily and quickly.

No need to write hundred or even thousand lines of code to implement it. PHPMaker can simplify the writing of code for you. You just need to write a few lines of code; both in client-side and server-side.

You will see the big picture of Shopping Cart from this project, since you will only see some sections inside the project that contains the custom code with the bold font. Of course, you may enhance it that suits with your business process based on this PHPMaker project.

Many things you will learn by using this PHPMaker project:

  1. How to create Shopping Cart by simply using a server event and put it in Navbar section.
  2. How to create our own API in Api_Action server event to be used to manage the Shopping Cart.
  3. How to store the current Product Items in Shopping Cart to a Session Variable (Multi-Dimensional)
  4. How to update all related information in Multi-Dimensional Session Variable after adding or deleting a Product Item.
  5. How to create two display mode (Card View or Table View) in List Page dynamically.
  6. How to auto rename the uploaded image file based on its id when the record is being added/updated.
  7. How to prevent Product Name contains # character, since it is a reserved character in the Shopping Cart.
  8. How to create Custom Button on each record in the List Page for Add to Cart functionality.
  9. How to create Custom Button on View Page for Add to Cart functionality.
  10. How to update Shopping Cart after an item has been succesfully added and display the success message.
  11. How to prevent duplicate Product Name in the Shopping Cart by simply incrementing the Count and updating the Price.
  12. How to allow multiple click for Add to Cart button and do Auto Calculate its Count and Total Price.
  13. How to update Shopping Cart after removing an item from the Shopping Cart (remove per product) and display the success message.
  14. How to update Shopping Cart after removing all Product Items in the Shopping Cart (Empty Cart) and display the success message.
  15. How to get the Product Name information based on its id and display it in client-side.
  16. How to display the Question icon on Sweet Alert, of course, with its animation, too.
  17. How to display all current Product Items in the Shopping Cart from any page in the web application.
  18. When you should reload/refresh the page, and when you should not reload/refresh the page.
  19. How to display the default page by using a function in Global Code.
  20. How to change the Menu Item's property by using MenuItem_Adding server event.
  21. How to create the connection between Client-Side and Server-Side, especially when an event is fired in browser that needs to be connected to server side immediately without having to reload the entire page.
  22. How easy it is now to understand the whole application framework simply from inside PHPMaker project.
  23. How easy and quick we can write only a few lines of PHP and Javascript/jQuery code simply from PHPMaker project.